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Eastern Medical Tradition:
Historical, Philosophical and Cultural aspects.

DEFINITIONS of the THREE TREASURES: Qi, Jing and Shen; A Review of the Literature
(read the article)

External and Internal in Ge Hong's Alchemy
by Evgueny A. Tortchinov (read the article)

An Interview With Dr. Paul Unschuld, Part One
Acupuncture Today July, 2004, Volume 05, Issue 07 (read the article)

An Interview With Dr. Paul Unschuld, Part Two
Acupuncture Today August, 2004, Volume 05, Issue 08 (read the article)

Chinese Cultural Studies: Yin and Yang in Medical Theory.
From The Nei Jing - The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine; circa 200 BC (read the article)

Ice Age Acupuncture? Study of Mummified Body Raises Questions about Practice's Origin. (read the article)

Oetzi The Tyrolean Iceman - European Acupuncture 2000 Years before China? (read the article)

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