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Our Mission

  The Foundation for Research in Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine (FRAIM) is an advocate in the promotion of education, responsible research, and the integration of acupuncture into mainstream medicine.

In pursuit of these goals, the Foundation will:

- Accumulate resources for scientific research and education in acupuncture; collect data concerning clinical and research studies on acupuncture therapy;

- Make information on acupuncture available to students, practitioners, other interested scientific groups, and to the public;

- Maintain contact with medical and paramedical groups, where such contact may further the advancement of knowledge of acupuncture;

- Establish seminars for education and training in the principles and advanced practice of acupuncture;

- Provide a forum for reporting current research on acupuncture and to facilitate communication among those engaged in the study and practice of acupuncture;

- Conduct appeals, solicit, advertise for or otherwise request and receive, hold and make use of donations or contributions in money or property of any kind for the specific purposes of this Foundation and the furtherance of its objectives.

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