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Theoretical Concepts

Mechanism of acupuncture - Beyond neurohumoral theory.
By Charles Shang, MD (read the article)

Microacupuncture Systems as Fractals of the Human Body.
By Vadim Bouevitch, M.Ac. (read the article)

A Modern Engineering Study Demonstration Of The Existence Of A Control System In The Human Body Involving Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncture Meridian Points.
Toshiyuki Maeda, MD (read the article)

Evidence of Connective Tissue Involvement in Acupuncture.
by Helene M. Langevin, David L. Churchill, Junru Wu, Gary J. Badger, Jason A. Yandow, James R. Fox, and Martin H. Krag (read the article)

Disease From A Pathologist Acupuncturist's Perspective: Linking Physical And Energetic To Spiritual.
By Amelia Lynn Dolson, MD (read the article)

fMRI Neurophysiological Evidence Of Acupuncture Mechanisms
Zang-Hee Cho, PhD; Young-Don Son, MSc; Jae-Yong Han, MSc; Edward K. Wong, MD; Chang-Ki Kang, MSc; Kyung-Yo Kim, PhD; Hyung-Kyoon Kim, PhD; Byung-Yeol Lee, PhD; Yoon-Kyung Yim, PhD; Ki-Hyon Kim, PhD
Medical Acupuncture; Volume 14 / # 1
(read the article)

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